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"Roger Weaver has a full toolbox when it comes to leading groups. One would expect that from a pro. In addition, however, Roger brings confidence. We have the comfort of knowing that someone who understands the situation is leading us, and this breeds confidence in ourselves as a group."

Rick Ackerly, Head of School

Children’s Day School

San Francisco, CA

Services to Schools K-12
Services in Non-Profit Governance
Services in Corporate Organizational Effectiveness
Services to Leaders



Services in Corporate
Organizational Effectiveness


Authority and responsibility distribution analysis (RW)
Client relations (RW)
Communications audit (internal and external) (RW)
Copywriting and editing services              
Corporate culture assessment (RW)
Executive Coaching (RW)
Human Resources administration
Management capacity building (RW)

Morale and loyalty building (RW)
Productivity analysis (RW)
Team building (RW)
Values, mission, identity clarification (branding) (RW)
Logo and graphics (branding)






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Roger Weaver, president & senior consultant